at the firebird institute of research in management

" It is indeed a great pleasure in talking about the Vision behind the Firebird Institute, a unique centre for thought leadership in the field of Management. Having actively participated in the Industry – Academia discussion over the last couple of decades, it is my firm belief that programs in Executive education, at all levels, can only be created with the highest excellence if structured by and facilitated by industry veterans who have experienced what they articulate.
It is also my belief that active engagement with Industry and their clients, in the form of original field research, is essential in maintaining thought leadership, in turn benefiting Industry through transformational learning, coaching, mentorship and other instruments of leadership development. "

Dr. Sundararaman K.S. MBBS, MBA (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
Managing Trustee

For Life

“our passion is to make
people extraordinary”

We live in a complex, fast changing world set with challenges. Technological advances in the last three decades outshine anything done in the previous three centuries. This growth has also accelerated the life-cycles of products and industries to an extent that a market leader today may not exist in another decade.

To survive in this environment, the only resource that can make a difference is the Human Resource. Unless this resource is trained to expand its horizon, trained to lead, trained to be responsible and innovative, to be objective, no organization will thrive.

This is our mission at the Firebird Institute.